A message from flyingcookiesarecool
What do you think about Norway or would you live there? Would you like to watch the Aurora Borealis?

norway would be great to live! but i wouldnt be able to speak any norwegian at all… it would be good to go to back to my roots and watch the aurora for sure! only a few place on earth get to see it. i must see it before i die…

her name is Nova  



A message from Anonymous
10 things you really want to do in your life (dreams, purposes) before die...?

lol, unfortunatly, i cant think of 10 things i want!! i can think of only a few though hah

1. to be happy and not depressed

2. and to become rediculously rich! so i can buy whatever i want, and travel anywhere i want.  thats pretty much it? lol

post those questions!

i dare ya!

A message from Anonymous
How many children do you want to have? xD

um… i like children a lot. expecially my nephews and little sisters. but i dont think i would like any of my own!!

A message from Anonymous
You're not fat. People are nasty, ignore this.

haha! thanks dude.  i just cant take insults as an anon seriously. its like they are making fun of themselves. i giggle!!

A message from Anonymous
Are you happy to be fat, then? Mtv could make a new show called "I used to be skinny" and you could be in it.

i would, but i cant for the life of me think of atleast one person who watches mtv anymore. sorry 

A message from Anonymous
May i ask you if you've done something to your hair, like; bleached or something? You look weird, different, maybe fatter. Really looking a bit gay now. You were so cool before.

HAHHAHA wow. im sure im fatter. or just weird. probably both

A message from Anonymous
Hey, I know my question somehow dumb but would you mind if someone unknown wants to start a conversation with you on Skype?

ill have a conversation as much as i can!
but im a busy man.. im not one for cam though. not much a fan :/